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4 sao trên tổng 335 đánh giá
20 Oct 2019 tại 19:33 It's quality delivery sushi. Not as good as you get in a 5 star restaurant...of course, but this is our go-to delivery place. Good value for the price. Always comes faster than the estimate to d.7 too. Bonus points with hungry kids!
16 Jun 2019 tại 0:05 Not the best sushi and sashimi, first and last order
20 Apr 2019 tại 17:37 Everything was just horrible, salmon smell so bad, the tuna was horrible, everything in trash...
15 Apr 2019 tại 21:06 Excellent, thanks!
24 Mar 2019 tại 22:39 Best salmon set and tempuras ever
11 Feb 2019 tại 2:45 Best sushi in Ho ChiMinh city . Salmon set is something ! Fresh and tasty ingredients and good potions. I Always order Japanese food only from that restaurant and never been disappointed
31 Jan 2019 tại 22:49 Best sushi delivery . Salmon and other ingredients are always fresh and tasty. Good portioned. Never been disappointed.
29 Jan 2019 tại 21:23 Out of stock items, no chop stick, little wasabi and Soy sauce. But most of it Salmon off, very bad smell nd owner said was fresh. The whole finish in bin
27 Jan 2019 tại 19:14 Great :)))
13 Dec 2018 tại 23:16 Again, very little wasabi and even did not give chopstick... look like its too expensif to take care customers...
13 Dec 2018 tại 21:27 Order for 3 people portions but only serve wasabi for one !!!